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Being Black

This book is very well written and gripping to read. It is fascinating and descriptive.

The author is honest and raw, without placing judgements on his childhood experiences, simply telling it like it was/is. For example, how he experienced his parents’ ideology and the impact of that. That is so compelling.

The accounts of history are gut wrenching in the way they are told.To read about South Africa during those years of colonial rule and apartheid through the eyes of a child, is a deep privilege.

There are moments of brilliant humor, one can be laughing aloud, and minutes later, are hit like a punch in the gut by something unjust that happened or was observed.

The art and power of effective and excellent storytelling is on display in this book. The storytelling is masterful.

The book leaves one with a feeling of challenge, a dose of hope-filled reality — not just reality, and not false ‘peace’ talk — but a discussion of hope-filled reality. This is a powerful combination

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